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Protect your business and your assets

Unless your commercial operation is properly insured, you're putting your entire business at risk. Find the right options for your needs with Sebring Insurance.

• Commercial auto

• Fleet insurance

• Business / professional liability

• Workers' compensation

• Malpractice

• Business / industrial property

• Business interruption

Make sure you're covered

Ensure that you and your business are 100% covered no matter what your financial situation.


Choose an agent at Sebring Insurance and let decades of experience shop for the right policy for you. Plus, we'll help you find the right umbrella policy to protect your commercial operation from life's surprises!

Affordable umbrella coverage

Keep all of your policy prices low.


Take advantage of Sebring Insurance's underwriting skills and find the discounts you could be missing out on!


Without the right liability insurance plan, you could lose your home, cars, retirement accounts, bank accounts and more.

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